Campo Marzio Minny Ballpoint Black

Campo Marzio Minny Ballpoint Black



The ballpoint was invented to solve the issues related to writing with fountain pens. These pens require constant ink refills, so they slow down the writing process. In a ballpoint pen this is impossible, as it has its own ink reserve inside. The rotating ball at the tip of the pen is continuously damped by the ink. A simple pression of the pen on paper causes the ball to roll ad th be simultaneously damped.

Maybe only a few know that ballpoint pens have been invented by László Bíró, a Hungarian newspaper editor. The first working pen was presented at Budapest International Fair in 1931 and patentend in 1938.


Minny Ballpoint pen is a Campo Marzio classic, almost a collectable. A must have!! It's the perfect Mini Pen for the hand bag or the pocket, small but full of style. Coordinate it with the Mini Pen Case. Presented in colour co-ordinated gift boxes it's a perfect gift for a stylish person.


Minny ballpoint pen is a solid pen, easy to hold in the hand, robust and colorful.


Size 104,0 x 12,7 mm

Comes boxed